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Feb 1, 2013 6:30pm PST
week high. meantime, two energy giants reported strong fourth quarter profits. exxon earnings were 20 cents per share above estimates even though energy production dropped. chevron also had better than expected fourth quarter earnings per share, 24 cents above estimates. it was helped by refining cheaper oil, leading to higher profit margins. chevron shares saw the bigger boost, up 1.2%. exxon gained a fraction. four of the five most actively traded exchange traded funds were up. the s&p 500 volatility note fell more than 5%, as it usually moves in the opposite direction of the market. and that's tonight's market focus. >> tom: despite the rise in the unemployment rate in january, our friday market monitor thinks the u.s. economy is gaining strength. heather brilliant is the global equity research director morningstar. heather is with us from chicago. still tepid job growth here, healther so what gives you confidence that not only is the economy growth but strength is gathering momentum? >> i think there is a lot of improvement on the manufacturing side of things globally. so you have
Feb 6, 2013 6:30pm PST
china and europe has been improving, all of which could boost global energy demand. triple-a predicts prices at the pump will keep climbing, topping out somewhere between $3.60 and $3.80 a gallon this spring. but traders say if you want a quick way to know where prices are headed, watch the stock market: >> oil prices look at equity market as a proxy for demand, or future demand. we are at 14,000 in the dow, no coincidence that we are at the highs of the energy market as well. >> reporter: and the higher price of gasoline comes as workers have less take-home pay, because of the expiration of a payroll tax holiday. so will consumers be forced to cut back spending, hurting economic growth, and stock market performance? >> not necessarily, because rising gasoline prices is usually predicated on a weaker dollar or better economic activity. better economic activity would lead to higher earnings. >> reporter: wolfberg says crude prices would have to jump $10 a barrel, or roughly 10%, before there's a major hit to the u.s. economy. erika miller, "n.b.r.," new york. >> tom: still ahead, the f
Feb 5, 2013 12:00am PST
is crumbling, at a time we need to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to deal with global warming, he is going to push major investments in those areas to create millions of jobs. in terms of deficit reduction, what we have to understand is that we have to go forward, but we cannot do it on the backs of the elderly, the children, the sick, and the poor. i would like to hear the president say i am not going to cut social security, which has nothing to do with the deficit. i am not going to cut medicare, veterans' programs, or medicaid. i am going to ask the largest corporations in this country, one-fourth of whom are paying nothing in taxes, to start paying their fair share of taxes. >> what most concerns you? i want to be specific in asking. what most concerns you about what the president is likely to give on? you just listed a couple of things, but what is your greatest fear about what he may compromise? >> in terms of a grand bargain, i am afraid the president will continue down the path of more cuts. we did get $700 billion over 10 years, from people earning $400,000 a
Feb 6, 2013 12:00am PST
. it is true. where is the evidence that indomitable energy has memorized? >> it is the evidence they are still there. this is something i have thought, and maybe it is not a politically correct thing. sometimes it is maybe the reason the reconstruction effort did not work is the haitians did not like the reconstruction effort. they wanted to get money out of it, but they did not want the way it was imposed, and that is part of why it did not work. that is a big effort to make to stop that kind of thing from working and imposing an outside culture on you. tavis: did you ever see a process by which the haitian people will be able to use the agency they do have to raise their voice about the things that mattered to them and said the country on a course that does lead to real reconstruction who? >> i think it needs a good government in the united states and a good government in haiti. tavis: good luck on that. >> in both places. what normally have since -- happens is a controlled government in the u.s. and a controlled government in haiti. when he came to power the united states cannot tolerate it
Jan 31, 2013 6:30pm PST
.9%. the energy and consumer discretionary sectors dropped 0.5% each. dow chemical was in focus among material stocks. it wants to save two and a half billion dollars as it wrestles with weak demand out of europe, and a slowdown in revenues across all its divisions except for its ag business. stripping out the restructuring costs and one-tme items, earnings per share were up from last year, but a penny less than estimates. the steepest revenue drop came in dow's performance materials business, producing solvents and polyurethanes. the stock fell 7% on heavy volume. this is its lowest price since late december. while the company is cautious, it said chinese demand is improving, and it sees encouraging trends with its u.s. customers. murphy oil's disappointing outlook hit its stock today, sending shares down from an 11 month high. the stock fell 5.3%. murphy is in the midst of splitting off its oil refining and distribution business in order to concentrate on exploration and production. as darren reported at the beginning of the broadcast, the u.s. government is moving to block budweiser's buyou
Feb 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
. >> there is no reason that the jobs of thousands of americans who work in national security or education or clean energy, not to mention the growth of the entire economy, should be put in jeopardy just because folks in washington couldn't come together to eliminate a few special interest tax loopholes. >> reporter: republicans dismissed the calls for more tax increases, and many argue the threat of the automatic spending cuts known as the sequester are the only way to force democrats to accept more spending cuts. but their leverage may be limited. >> i think we will have the sequester for a short period of time, probably until the first civilian employee of the government is furloughed, which might take about a week. and then, that pain may be enough to cause the people on capitol hill and the president to come to some sort of rational deal. >> reporter: the short-term budget fight comes as the medium-term outlook for federal red ink is improving. the congressional budget office figures the deficit will come in at $845 billion this year, the first deficit under $1 trillion since 2008. that's projected t
Feb 7, 2013 6:30pm PST
the sector losers, falling 0.6%. the energy sector slipped 0.5%. chemical maker f.m.c. weighed on the materials sector after failing to impress wall street with its fourth quarter earnings. shares fell 3.4% as volume almost tripled. it could be some profit taking behind the selling, as the stock was at an all time high earlier this week. f.m.c. makes insecticide and hydrogen peroxide. the company's business has been growing thanks to sales in latin america. it has been months in the making but a merger between u.s. airways and american airlines parent company a.m.r., may be getting close to take off, according to the wall street journal. the combination would create the world's largest airline. among the complications: american is in bankruptcy so it's creditors would take a large stake of any combined company. u.s. airways stock was higher on the speculation, rising 3.8%. u.s. airways shareholders would likely get a minority stake if they merge with american airlines. stocks of other major air carriers rallied as well. delta air lines rose 2.7% to a new 52 week high. united co
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7